UPDATE: Where does Josh Allen live? Josh Allen built a house not far from Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York.

UPDATE: The below story is from May 2021.

When you live next door to a Buffalo athlete, you love to brag about. After all, whether someone plays for the Buffalo Sabers or Buffalo Bills, they have to live somewhere and Western New York, people LOVE to talk. Everyone always thinks they "know" and it is not always the case.

UPDATE: This is a strange situation that someone at Pinelli Landscaping witnessed last Friday.

Where does Josh Allen live in Buffalo?

I got my real estate license recently, so my grandma loves to talk about houses now and thinks that I have all this info that other people don't, which isn't the case, but thought I could look up where Josh Allen lives because she heard that he just bought a house. That was over 2 months ago.

Flash forward to this week and we received a phone call from a woman who asked us if we could do a PSA on the radio because someone in her family owns a home and people keep GOING TO THE HOUSE because everyone thinks Josh Allen lives there. Apparently, people are stopping to take pictures and there have also, been a number of accidents, so that is why she called us.

I told her, ya know that rumor's been floating out there for a long time, my GRANDMA told me that months ago. She informed us though, that it WAS on the market and Josh Allen and his girlfriend, Brittany did in fact come to look at the house. The caller said that Josh's girlfriend was not a fan of the bathroom and that is why they decided to not buy the home. Apparently, the couple stayed at the house for a visit with the current owner and even an ATV ride.

Did anyone else hear that Josh Allen lives there? For the record: he does not. When you see this house in West Seneca, do not stop, he doesn't live there. It is causing accidents and the rumor is not even true. You can hear the call from the concerned woman above who told us a family member lives there. For the record we did ask if it was okay to post. But, take a look at the cool pictures. It was recently taken off of the market.

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