You can look at the most popular costume two ways: a safe bet or completely unoriginal.

I believe there are two types of costume wearers on Halloween. There are those who want to be a complete original with a getup no one else has. And then there are those who wouldn't die if they were caught in the same costume as another party attendee.

Either way, looking at the most popular Halloween costumes in each state is beneficial.

All Home Connections and Cut Cable Today compiled some data from Google Trends. With this they put together a list of the most popular costumes in every single state. The list also tells us that the most popular costumes across the board fall into the superhero and villain category.

The top spot in Wyoming however, is Little Red Riding Hood.

Maybe it's the fact that you could actually take a journey like Lil' Red in Wyoming to see your grandmother that makes this costume so popular. Of course, how many parents would send their kids through a gnarly forest to visit a loved one? This costume is categorized as Generic, which is the third largest costume group in the nation.

What's your costume this year?

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