The recent lice outbreak in Natrona County has parents upset at the infestation itself and that the schools are not required to report cases to parents if it is under a 25 percent spreading rate.

Just two months into the school year and multiple cases of head lice have been reported. School is a target rich environment for lice. Though the stigma is one of bad personal hygiene, that is not necessarily the case.

Parents should be concerned at the approach of Halloween. With so many kids and adults trying on the same costumes, wigs, and masks, the creepy creatures can jump from one human to another while most people give it no thought.

  • You can help reduce the spread by wearing a swim cap when trying on a wig (ultra-attractive, I know. You also risk being looked upon as an over-protective parent).
  • You can also seal a store-bought costume in a plastic bag for 48 hours. Lice require human blood to grow, develop and lay eggs. They cannot survive more than a day or so without a blood meal. For added security, bag it for two weeks, just to be sure.
  • You can toss a dry-friendly costume in the dryer on high heat for about 45 minutes. Just don’t melt the costume.

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