In a bit of good news, we've learned that the engagement ring has been SOLD!!


We've all been there. We've all gotten out of a relationship that wasn't exactly "healthy" for us. It takes some people longer than others to realize it but eventually we all realize our worth, drop the scrub, and more on.

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And some of us even try to profit off of it.

That's exactly what one Casper woman is doing, as she took to Casper Classifieds to sell her 'Totally not cursed' engagement ring.

"Coming to you from my first failed message, a 14k 1/3ct princess cut diamond engagement ring," Nicole Scherck wrote in her Facebook listing. "I had the wedding band attached. I'd love to be using this money for something fun like therapy, but instead gotta buy diapers and pay for daycare. It's sized at 4 3/4 but able to be resized."

Scherck was selling the ring for $650 and honestly, we hope she got every penny.

"So they say used rings from failed marriages are bad luck," Scherck told K2 Radio News. "But I believe that only applies to rings you pick up from the pawn shops. This one is from Riddles!"

Indeed, it is. It came with the certificate of authenticity and everything.

Even though Scherck chose to use humor in her effort to sell her ring, she did admit that her relationship did some pretty heavy damage to her. But she used that experience to better herself, and she has some advice for others as well.

"I think you see red flags early on in relationships and ignore them or thing people can change, but they're showing you who they are and you should pay attention," she offered.

But, if you don't, and you end up marrying the person, at least you can eventually take to Facebook to try and sell the remnants of your terribly depressing relationship, and make people laugh in the meantime!

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