Welcome to the Monday after St. Paddy's Day. Are you still feeling the effects of Mr. Guinness and Jameson?

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According to Zippia.com, Wyoming is known to party hard on holidays. For example, the day after New Year's Eve, Wyoming ranks as the third most hungover state in the country. And, back in 2020, Zippia ranked Wyoming as the SECOND most hungover state in the country. So, maybe we like our adult beverages here in the Cowboy State.

Now, to be fair, NYE is the Super Bowl for libations and adult beverages. But I would argue that St. Patrick's Day comes as a close second in the U.S. Green beer, Irish whiskey, and Irish Car Bombs abound on March 17.

No wonder hangovers are almost part of the St. Paddy's Day experience. It happens. But man, when it does, don't you wish there was a magic cure-all to fix a hangover?

Unfortunately, there's no instant cure for hangovers...if you know of one, why are you holding out??? Experts at Harvard University recommend rest, Motrin, hydration, and a strong cup of coffee to help get over that hangover.

Or, you know, you could do it the Wyoming Way.

If Wyoming Had a Hangover Cure, This Would Be It.

If Wyoming Had a Hangover Cure, This Would Be It.

If Wyoming had an official hangover cure, what would it be? Something that'll get a rancher ready for a day of hard work after too much fun the night before. Something that'd make a rough 'n tough cowboy proud. Something...well, something like this...

Please note this is satire. Don't take this as medical advice...why? Uhm...because this is satire, and a doctor did not write it.

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