When you think about people that work for Universities, especially schools that hold weight over a lot of our everyday life, you think of hyper organized people, right? Sometimes, even well educated, organized people make small mistakes. Or, they send emails to a whole list server on accident.

Yesterday morning, I was greeted with an email from my Alma Mater, The University Of Louisville, about a mentorship opportunity. Well, it was more of a net to see if they could get mentors to guide their students in their career path to be. As I read it, I was like, cool, I can do that, I've accomplished things in life, I can be a resource. About a sentence later, I realized that this was for Law School graduates.

Apply Mentor

Now, I'm fairly well educated, I'm pretty proud of it. But, what just happened here? Did I accidently get a Law degree? Am I an Attorney now? What am I doing here at work at 5 AM? I can be out solving cases and saving lives!


Oh...Wait a second. So, I'm no longer an Attorney. They let me go 8 hours thinking this! It's too late to cancel my new business cards with my title of "Mat Murdock, ESQ". Well. The next time I'm called for donations, I'll let them know about a certain invoice. I'm kind of hurt, so I guess I'll send an email.



I didn't get a chance to get into a debate. I didn't get a chance to wrong the right. Or is it right the wrong? Either way, I had the best 8 hours of my life yesterday when I was an Attorney.

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