Not content with just utilizing yaks in Wyoming, Cosmetic King Tut Jeffree Star has brought a new animal to the oil city...camels!

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And no, we're not talking about Gillette's sports teams. We're talking the real deals.

"A lot of people think that camels are, of course, associated with deserts and hot climate," Jeffree Star told K2 Radio News. "But the Bactrian(two-hump) camels can survive in negative 20 weather. They're built for the deepest Mongolian snowstorms."

So, if these camels can survive Mongolian snowstorms, they'll be able to withstand Casper weather, no doubt (though, Wednesday and Thursday of last week certainly put that theory to the test).

Weather or no weather, when Star makes up his mind, it's as good as done. And Jeffree Star wanted camels.

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"I've always loved camels," he said. "I took a trip to Egypt before, I've done a camel ride, and they're just so smart. They're smarter than horses."

They are also, presumably, smarter than yaks. Though they may not be as versatile. That's okay, though. Because unlike his yaks, Star doesn't plan on monetizing these animals. He just wants them as friends.

"I just wanted a ew for pets," he laughed. "No, we're not killing camels for meat. A really nice Bactrian camel goes for about $30,000 to $40,000. So these camels are investments. But they're a part of my family. And they're really cool."

Star said that he's been training the camels with an animal trainer named Terry Linley, from Oklahoma.

"They can sit, they can walk, you can ride them, you can run around with them," he said. "They're just dope."

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Indeed they are. This isn't the first time Wyoming has played host to these majestic creatures. The Terry Bison Ranch, outside of Cheyenne, also houses a few camels.

Bactrian camels, the ones Star has, have two humps, shaped like the letter 'B,' (as in Bactrian...get it?). The Denver Zoo wrote that humps are used to store fat that will eventually convert to energy when needed.

Photos of Star's new pets can be seen below!

Jeffree Star Brings Camels to Casper

Not content with just utilizing yaks in Wyoming, Cosmetic King Tut Jeffree Star has brought a new animal to the oil city...camels! 

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