There are many celebrities that call Wyoming home, but most choose to live in and around the Jackson Hole area.

That is not the case with Casper resident, Jeffree Star, who recently celebrated two milestones this week.

Earlier today (November 17th, 2022), Star shared a reel on his official Instagram account, commemorating his second year as an official Wyomingite. He captioned the video:

I’ve lived in #Wyoming for 2 years now on the @staryakranch and I get asked a lot… “Do you miss LA???” #jeffreestar #snow #yaks #casperwyoming

Earlier this week, Star also announced his plans to open a retail shop to sell his cosmetics and Star Yak Ranch yak meat at the Hall on Ash in downtown Casper.

We're all so glad he's enjoying his time here in the Cowboy State. There is no doubt he is now officially one of us.

Jeffree Star's Hidden Hills Mansion

Jeffree Star's Mansion in Hidden Hills California

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