Wyoming is a great state to explore, but to stay in some resorts or hotels it would cost you over $100 per night, but not as some Airbnb's. Since airbnb was founded in 2008, the options for lodging on vacations, weekend trips or quick getaway's has been broadened.

Airbnb is a shortened version of the original name Air Bed And Breakfast. The original concept of Airbnb is interesting. A couple guys moved to San Francisco and thought it would be a good idea to put an air mattress in their living room and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Yep, THAT is the original billion dollar idea! Now they've expanded the business and if you have a house and you'd like to rent it out to guests for a few day's at a time, you put it up on the website and people can book it just like they would a hotel.

If you have been thinking about taking a vacation this fall, there are many options on Airbnb in Wyoming. After a quick search of the Airbnb options in the state, I was greatly surprised by the options. There are cabins with a mountain view, homes that have all the amenities, Teepee's, Campers, Trailers, single rooms and even barns. If you have a particular part of the state you want to check out, there are more than likely options on Airbnb's website for you to choose from.

I've gone through and found 10 options for under $100 per night all over the state.

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