If you believe the best things are the hardest to get, then there's a Wyoming guest ranch you need to see. It is required that you have mountain driving experience before you can even attempt the trip.

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Have you heard of Spear-O-Wigwam? It's a very remote Wyoming guest ranch in the Bighorns in the vicinity of Sheridan. Here's how they describe themselves on their official YouTube channel:

Built in 1923, Spear-O has a long history of operating as a high country remote dude ranch in the Bighorn Mountains. Approximately 30 miles from Sheridan, Wyoming, the road to get here is rough and rugged but worth every mile. Where true solitude meets cozy accommodation.

Is it worth the trouble? You be the judge.

The "directions" part of the Spear-O-Wigwam website are almost hilarious in their remoteness. To attempt to drive there, you need mountain driving experience. You also are advised to only make the drive if you can arrive before dark as you wouldn't want to traverse that backcountry at night. While they do offer a shuttle for additional fees, I've seen people that make the trek there as part of a horseback group. You know you're in remote Wyoming when the best trail there is on horse or snowmobile.

I saw a guest at Spear-O-Wigwam share an iconic moment with a moose last summer.

Gotta love our Wyoming destinations that play hard to get. Definitely a potential bucket list location if you're looking for a real getaway.

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