There have been several so-called studies and quite a few debates as to which town is actually the worst in the entire state of Wyoming, but a recent TikTok video seems to have the undeniable answer.

TikTok username, connorcathcart2.0, who claims to be a Wyoming outdoorsman, posted a video three days ago (October 30th, 2022), asking "What's the worst town in Wyoming?". The camera then zooms in his hat that says "Sheridan", while Connor gives a sly smile.

@connorcathcart2.0 #wyoming #wyo ♬ original sound - Connor Baer

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After watching the short video a few times, it's hard to tell if the young man was being serious or just cracking a joke.

One thing is for sure though, after scrolling through both his TikTok and his Instagram accounts, he definitely is an outdoorsman. There are several videos of him doing everything from hunting, to bull riding, to snowboarding.

Connor also really does seem to love Wyoming, so maybe it was just a little inside joke to him and his crew.

One thing is for sure though, the comments section of the video all seem to have a different opinion on what Wyoming's worst town is. Darn near every single Wyoming city and town was nominated by someone, and they all appear to be fellow Wyomingites complaining. As matter of fact, I only saw one comment (from Riley3473) that was positive and he said:

Idk. I think they’re all pretty great.

I tend to agree with Riley. I think all of the Cowboy State is awesome!

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