How would an "extreme" goth react to being made over into an Instagram model? That's the stunning transformation goth influencer Vampryn (Aryn) underwent in a video for Truly's Transformed series.

The 25-year-old Aryn, as one can see on her Instagram profile, has developed an undeniable knack for creating startling goth fashions and elaborately macabre makeup effects. But what would happen if Aryn, who's dressed this way from a young age, suddenly did an about-face? What if she changed into the more ubiquitous kind of Instagram influencer that conveys only the most mainstream ideas of beauty?

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"A die-hard goth who has dressed alternatively since she was a teenager has undergone a transformation to throw her completely out of her comfort zone," the synopsis reads. "Aryn, better known online as Vampryn, enlisted the help of influencer makeup artist Melanie Viger to give her the ultimate Instagram model makeover. She later reveals her glamorous new look to her boyfriend and sister — but how will they react?"

Connor, the boyfriend, and Aimee, her sister, both only know Aryn in her goth look. "She's been dressing this way since she was probably 12," Aimee explains. "I can't picture Aryn any other way," Connor adds.

But Aryn looks nothing like her usual self after Viger changes her all-black get-up for a pink-hued mini dress, tops her ebony locks with a long blonde wig, and applies fake tan and a glamour-style makeup application. On the big reveal, Connor and Aimee appear significantly shocked as Aryn grapples with the shift.

"I hate it," Aryn quietly quips.

"I'm just so used to being a little bit more rough around the edges," she ultimately concludes. "With a little bit of black, at least. I probably wouldn't take anything from this look particularly, but probably just to expand and try new things."

After all, being normal is "just boring," Aryn says. "There's no point — why live life to be boring?"

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