Ozzy Osbourne and the Beach Boys come together in a new mashup from can't-miss remixer DJ Cummerbund, the so-called "Mama, I'm Fun, Fun, Fun" combining Ozzy's 1991 classic "Mama, I'm Coming Home" with the Beach Boys' sunny 1964 number "Fun, Fun, Fun."

OK, that might not sound that appealing on paper. But somehow, the groovy vibe of the hard rocker combined with the poppy ditty could make it the goth surf anthem of the summer — most likely because of Cummerbund's clever contributions that adhere the two together.

Listen to mashup down toward the bottom of this post.

At this point, Cummerbund needs no introduction — the mixmaster's talent has become a given of the internet. In the past, the DJ's done mashups of Disturbed and Stevie Wonder, Tool and Justin Bieber, Foo Fighters and Rick James, Korn and Cher, and plenty of other combos that could make a listener stand and take note.

But perhaps none instill the same type of summer warmth that oozes forth in the Ozzy meets Beach Boys mashup. It's as if Ozzy grew up a surfer, or maybe if Brian Wilson had become a metalhead instead of a chamber pop master. Either way, the alternate music universe one can imagine when listening to this makes for some thought-provoking entertainment.

True to DJ Cummerbund's MO, there are clips of Hulk Hogan, Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Shrek hidden throughout the song. Ozzy's vocal intro from "Crazy Train" is also sprinkled throughout.

Ready to kickstart your summer? Listen to "Mama, I'm Fun, Fun, Fun" below, and check out more of the remixer's work at patreon.com/djcummerbund.

DJ Cummerbund, Ozzy Osbourne + The Beach Boys Mashup

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