At 13,809 feet, Gannett Peak is the highest point in Wyoming. Other states have mountains at higher elevations, but none are more remote than this desolate location in the Wind River Range.

"We made it, we were here in the heart of the last great wilderness in the continental U.S.," professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones proclaims in a new Treasured Heights video. "With the Tetons in the distance, it was only going to be fun on the way down."

Jones narrates the video, which documents his friends Alex Calger,  Jeff Rogers, and Mike Wheelan on their quest to ski the highest point in every state. After 23 states, they all agreed that the 50-mile, multi-day trek into the Titcomb Basin was the most demanding challenge they've faced yet, even more difficult than Alaska's Denali Peak, the highest point in North America.

"After many miles and utter solitude, we departed transformed," Jones concluded. "And got a little wet."



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