The Cowboy State has been the butt of many jokes in both television and film over the years. Most of the time, we're not painted in the best light either, but a video collage of clips from the hit adult animated sitcom, Family Guy, shows that other states get it a lot worse than us. I can't say I'm sorry about it either.

A YouTube channel, hilariously named Eric Cartman (after the South Park character of the same name), posted the near fifteen minute collage footage called: All 50 States By Family Guy. Some of the state choices were chosen by stereotypes, rather than being mentioned by name, but still, there is a shocking number that were literally named.

Since the list goes in alphabetical order, Wyoming is dead last, so if you want to skip to that part, it starts at the 14.17 mark.

While hilarious, it does make me feel better that that particular clip didn't actually mention Wyoming. Some of the state got it pretty bad.

You have to wonder how long it took Cartman to meld the clips together. I would guess that he (or she), must have seen every episode to date to get each state.

If you want to see the lead up to the Wyoming clip, here's the entire scene (shown below). Warning... it's worse than you might think, so again, I am so glad it didn't actual mention Wyoming by name.

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