I think after the Netflix series on Michael Jordan, everyone is starting to make moves to cover old-school basketball. Which, if you look back over the years, even stretching to the NBA/ABA merger, it has some fantastic history.

A while back, HBOMAX announced they would be making a series, covering former LA Laker's owner and University of Wyoming alum, Dr. Jerry Buss.

What? Jerry Buss Is From Wyoming?

Yes, he is. He's also an alumnus of the University of Wyoming, so he also spent his fair share of time in Laramie before moving off to LA to be a plastic surgeon and buy the Lakers.

What Is The Name Of The Jerry Buss HBOMAX Series?

The series with Dr. Buss is called Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty. This series looks really well made, John C. Reilly is set to star in the series as Jerry Buss. If you look at the two, they do favor one another.

Here, check out the trailer. There is some NSFW language in the trailer, just a single F-Bomb that they wait until the end of the trailer to drop. It feels warranted, though.


When Is "Winning Time" Getting Released?

Well, that's a good question. The trailer and everything I could find online showed that it is set for a release in March. So, there's not a solid date, but at least it'll be coming out in time for us to all be excited for and in the mindset of basketball.

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