Following the official confirmation of the film’s director being announced at D23, Deadline reports that Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer will pen the script for Fantastic FourThe comic book property has proven extremely difficult to adapt in any meaningful way, but hopefully Marvel will be able to nail it in time for Phase Six of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although none of the previous attempts to make a movie out of the story have stuck, there’s a pretty good team behind it this time. Maybe Fantastic Four is just too campy to really get audiences excited ... pr perhaps the grand scale of the villains in the series just doesn't translate all that way to film.


Fantastic Four is a huge priority for the MCU because many of the stories they need to tell don’t really work without the involvement of some of the bigger players in the Fantastic Four universe. Reed Richards is one of the greatest minds Marvel has to offer,  plus we ca’'t help but think it would be extremely cool to see Dr. Doom on the big screen. Storylines that have already come out have been greatly affected by the absence of the Four. The Infinity Saga plays out in a radically different way from how it was depicted in the comics.

With Matt Shakman directing, Kevin Feige looking for on-screen talent, and Kaplan and Springer writing, it seems like all the necessary pieces are here. Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer have worked on multiple projects together, and they’ve been selling spec scripts like hot cakes. So far, Fantastic Four’s release date is listed as November 8, 2024, so we’ll be waiting optimistically until then.

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