Farm raised elk is a real thing. It's becoming bigger business, just as healthy eating is bigger business.  Organic elk is available online in just about every form of elk meat right down to elk ka-bobs. featured Phillip Rosen, a small time Elk farmer in Idaho. He told them he begin this business after his friend asked him to look after his elk. That was five years ago. Now the Idaho farmer has Elk in his backyard full time.

Phillip still hunts elk every year, because he can’t imagine eating out of his own herd. Many of his customers are also hunters. They get their winter supply at his P-K Farm so they can be pickier when on the hunt.

Rosen says customers tell him his farm-raised elk is more tender than elk that are hunted in the wild.

There are more than 1000 "game ranches" that house elk for breeding and velvet purposes. In the '90s, the Colorado Legislature recognized domestic elk as Alternative Livestock. Other states have similar legislation.

Find a number of places for healthy meats of farm/ranch raised animals cared for well, particularly in Wyoming here.

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