If you haven't heard of the fidget spinner, you will really soon. Over the course of a couple weeks, they are everywhere.

Fidget spinners are a small handheld toy with a bearing in the center, causing them to spin... and people can also fidget with them...  

They were invented as a stress relieving toy, in particular one that could help ADD and ADHD patients. Chemical engineer Catherine Hettinger is given credit as the person who designed the first spinner. According to The Guardian, she created the spinner after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Myasthenia Gravis, which creates muscle weakness.  She created the idea not only as a way to help keep her strong, but to keep her mind off of the disease.

My wife teaches at a local high school and middle school and assures me that over half of the student body plays with fidget spinners in class. And although they are more popular with middle school students, adults are getting into the craze as well. My cashier at a local store this weekend, an adult woman, was ringing me up with one hand and spinning with the other.

Have you gone to the mall recently? I went on Sunday and would estimate that 75% of the kids I saw were playing with a fidget spinner.

Basic spinners cost around $5, but can go upwards of $25 if you get the "fancier" versions.


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