If your anything like me then you are fascinated with space and the universe, the stars and planets and everything in it. I watch those shows on the science channel all the time, I rather enjoy them!

I always find myself wondering if there is more out there than taxes and work! Ha ha just joking! But seriously when I was a child I always wanted to be part of NASA and just like most little kids dreams I wanted to go into space, travel the stars and see it for myself.

Getting older and learning more and more about space and the universe I began to think to myself maybe its not so safe to travel to the stars lol! But without risk there is no reward, but I still chose to stay grounded.  Being a adult now my fascination is still there as strong as it was as a child.

I came across this story and thought it would be a neat story to share with everyone, cause like I said if your anything like me, you might just share the same fascination that I have and might just watch the same space shows that I watch like " How The Universe Works" is a good one, another one I watch often is "The Universe"

So with today's ever growing technology scientist are on the verge of getting the first ever picture of a black hole. To be specific the black hole at the center of our galaxy the Milky Way.

It is believed that at the center of our galaxy there is a super massive black hole and scientist are hoping to get the first pictures of it, or any black hole for that matter. And with new technology they are on the verge of doing so.

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