Colorado is now home to its very first wolf litter since the 1940s. Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently spotted three wolf pups and there could be more.

According to 9News, Colorado Parks and Wildlife just spotted something groundbreaking - Colorado's very first wolf litter in a long, long time. There hasn't been a wolf litter in Colorado since the 1940s so this is major.

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CPW spotted at least three wolf pups between June 4 and June 8. The wolf pups were seen with two other collared wolves, M2101 aka John, and F1084 aka Jane. The wolves were spotted from a safe distance, around two miles away, according to 9News.

Governor Jared Polis stated that this is Colorado's first wolf litter since the 1940s and that 'we welcome this historic den and the new wolf family to Colorado.' He went on to say with the reintroduction of gray wolves in Colorado being passed, these wolf pups will have plenty of potential mates when they grow up.

The typical wolf litter is usually made up of 4-6 pups which means that there could be even more. The CPW area wildlife manager is very excited about this news but also wanted to say this:

It's our priority to ensure that they have the chance to thrive, so even as we have exciting news, we want to remind everyone that these animals remain endangered in Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will continue to monitor the wolf pups and their den while being careful to not put their survival in jeopardy.

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