I have reeled in some weird things while fishing. Once, while ice fishing, I caught another guys fishing pole, with a trout still attached. I also caught a mini cooler filled with some REALLY skunky beers. Not to mention the time I caught an entire lost tackle box.

In fact, "magnet fishing" has been a new trend that is sweeping the nation. It is simply attaching a high powered magnet to a rope, and lowering it into the water. You never know what treasure you might bring to the surface.

But, a fisherman in Florida recently reeled in one helluva catch. 50lbs of Columbia's finest nose candy.

According to FOX News

An off-duty police detective hooked a big one that didn't get away along the Florida coast last week, snagging a 50-pound parcel of cocaine with a street value of $10 million.

The Charlotte County deputy, fishing from a boat just off the Gulf Coast, reeled in the haul while fishing Wednesday off Englewood Beach in Englewood, according to authorities.

"While out fishing yesterday evening, one of our detectives caught more then he was expecting," Sheriff Bill Prummell of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office said in a video on the department's Facebook page. "He located a package floating in the Gulf of Mexico more than 20 miles offshore ... That package turned out to be more than 50 pounds of uncut powdered cocaine."

Hear Tracy Morgan give his thoughts on Coke. NSFW

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