Millions of conspiracy theorists all over the world believe that the moon landing was staged, that 9/11 was an inside job, or that a secret society of Illuminati covertly manipulate mass media to consolidate power in their New World Order.

Here are five completely insane conspiracy theories based here in the great state of Wyoming.

1. The government's secret plan to relocate American citizens when the Yellowstone National Park "Supervolcano" erupts is a real doozy. According to this outrageous theory, when the massive underground volcano finally blows its top, we'll be watching it on television from our new homes in Australia, Brazil or Argentina.

2. FEMA concentration camps made national news in 2014 when pictures of a labor camp in North Korea were falsely attributed to Wyoming. The images were purported to show a colony of prisoners being held in northeastern Wyoming by the Department of Homeland Security. They were actually taken from a report presented by the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea.

3. The infamous Hanna, Wyoming, the experiment was derived from a satirical website in 2013. The National Report jokingly revealed that the 841 citizens of Hanna were chosen to receive microchip implants as part of an experiment conducted by the Department of Health and Human Resources. The article was shared by several sites who, sadly, didn't get the joke.

4. This theory suggests that a top-secret military base is located underground near Riverton, Wyoming. According to some accounts, it's part of a network of underground bases across the region that are connected by tunnels to Denver International Airport, which serves as a covert command post for the CIA.

5. Buffalo Bill Cody's grave has been the source of controversy for since his death nearly 100 years ago. Most historians believe Cody was buried on Lookout Mountain west of Denver in June of 1917. Yet, some are convinced that Cody's remains were stolen by friends and returned to Cedar Mountain, near his former home in Wyoming.


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