Today, the University of Wyoming officially announced they will be selling beer and wine at football and basketball games beginning next season.

To celebrate, here's five other places here in Wyoming where beer and wine should also be sold to the public.

1. Grocery Stores - Wyoming is one of many states that allows the sale of alcohol only in liquor stores. Some of those liquor stores even offer drive though service. Yet, for some reason, you can't buy a six pack of beer at the grocery store.

2. The Gym - After a grueling session on the treadmill, nothing hits the spot quite like a cold libation. While alcohol won't rehydrate your body, a drink is a nice reward for working out.

3. Taco John's - Wyoming's homegrown fast food chain has benefited greatly from alcohol over the years. For some reason, "West Mex" just tastes better after a few cold ones. Why not pick up a twelve pack along with a six pack and a pound?

4. Coffee Shops - Coffee shops across the country have been adding alcohol to their menus. Of course, nothing goes better with coffee than a shot of Bailey's.

5. Work - If you operate heavy machinery, drinking at work is probably not a good idea. However, for those in white collar professions, at-work happy hours have been proven to keep employees at the office longer and increase morale.

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