The 21st annual Wyoming Brewers Festival is coming up this weekend. To celebrate two glorious nights of consumption, here’s the top five things you can expect to see.

1. A dude with a necklace made from pretzels will beginning chanting “Beer” about an hour into the festival. Later in the evening, he will attempt to lead the crowd in a “U.S.A.” chant. By the end of the night, “beer” and “U.S.A.” those will be the only words he can effectively pronounce.

2. Drunk dudes who have never met each other will end up hugging. It will start with a random conversation, then a few high fives. Eventually, they will embrace and hold each other up after losing their balance.

3. At some point, you will have beer spilled on you. Then, you will spill your beer on someone else, who will accuse you of committing a party foul.

4. Sometime, usually during the final hour, the line to use the men's room will get long and, eventually, at least one guy will pee in the sink (or the trash can).

5. Tons of guys with really long beards will start spontaneously dancing. Their moves will not be smooth.

This is what happens when an idiot DJ attempts to sample 100 beers in 4 hours.




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