FIVE GUYS BURGERS and FRIES has two Wyoming franchises, on E. 2nd St. in Casper and on Dell Range in Cheyenne,

Cheyenne manager Ben Boles is proud of his part in the fastest growing restaurant chain in America and he revealed how they do things differently than the others.

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  1. Their fresh burgers can be served some 250,000 ways, given all the ingredients and combinations thereof.
  1. Their burgers are served on special buns that are “eggier and sweeter than the standard hamburger bun.” if they run out of them, they close their doors. No running to the store for anything less than their own proprietary buns. Ben told me his restaurant ran out once and they closed for 4 hours.
  1. Five Guys is fussy about their French fries, made only from spuds grown north of the 42ndparallel will do. Five Guys consumes 5% of the potatoes grown in Idaho.
  1. Five Guys fries are partially cooked, rested, then finished for each order. Coming out of the fryer, they are shaken 15 times, no more, no less. 15 times. The fries are cooked in peanut oil, which can cause problems for some with peanut allergies, but the warnings are posted and the fries have that Five Guys flavor people love. They even serve up free peanuts to their customers to munch on with their visit.
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1 Coop Townsquare Media
  1. Want some? Come and get 'em, they won't deliver.

“Absolutely No Delivery.”


You can’t get Five Guys to deliver any food, no matter who you are, even the headquarters of the military might of the United States Of America, the Pentagon in FIVE GUYS home base of Arlington, Virginia.

 “When the President of the United States (Obama) wanted to get Five Guys, he had to go get it himself,”

 - Jerry Murrell, founder.


Bonus: 5 Guys has a secret menu that you can order from.

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