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LARAMIE -- The Wyoming Cowboy Wrestling squad kicked off their season on Saturday hosting the Cowboy Open inside the War Memorial Fieldhouse. It was a successful first outing for the Pokes with five grapplers taking first while a total of 16 Cowboys finished the day as place-winners.

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“Not a lot of surprises today, there were things we need to improve on, but I didn’t see anything super concerning. We wrestled well but we definitely have room to get better,” UW head wrestling coach Mark Branch said. “I like where we’re at and I think our team is going to develop and get a lot better over the year”

After Competing at 133 pounds last season, Job Greenwood moved up to 141 pounds for the new campaign and looked strong at his new weight class going 5-0 on the day to capture the Cowboy Open title. Greenwood rattled off four straight bonus point victories to set up a finals match against fellow Cowboy Darren Green. Greenwood edged out Green in a tightly contested match winning 4-2 to seal his first-place finish.

Competing unattached, Cooper Voorhees put on a clinic in the 157-pound bracket recording a tech. fall, pin and major decision on his way to the finals. In the first-place match Voorhees went up against Cowboy True Freshman Logan Ours. While Ours would be the toughest test of the day for Voorhees, he pulled away from his teammate winning the match 8-4 to seal his first-place finish.

Also competing unattached, Quayin Short rolled through the 184-pound bracket posting two falls on his way to the finals. In the finals, Short went up against Kodiak Stephens (UNAT-ORST) and had a dominant performance, wining the match 14-2 and finishing the day 4-0.

At 165 pounds, Cole Moody made his return to the mat after missing most of last season due to injury. Moody didn’t miss a step in his return going 4-0 on the day with two pins. In the finals Moody went up against his Cowboy teammate Brett McIntosh and came away with a 6-0 victory to capture the Cowboy Open title.

Terren Swartz was the final Cowboy to capture a title on the day going 4-0 in the heavyweight bracket. Continuing the theme of the day Swartz faced teammate Mason Ding in the finals grinding out a 4-1 over his fellow Cowboy.

Chase Zollmann finished second at 149 pounds going 3-1 on the day with two falls. Garrett Ricks (125), Jore Volk (133), Warren Carr (149) and Kevin Zimmer (285) all finished third at their respective weights.

Up next for the Cowboys is a quick turnaround as they head to Stillwater, Oklahoma on Nov. 18 for their first dual of the season against Big 12 rival Oklahoma State.

Complete Cowboy Results 

125 – Garret Ricks – 3rd place 

Ricks (WYO) Fall (4:47) Jaren Marx (WWY-UNAT)

Jett Strickenberger (NWKT) dec. Ricks (WYO) 7-5

Ricks (WYO) dec. Yusief Lillie (UVU-UNAT) 3-0

Ricks (WYO) dec. Nick Gonzalez (AF) 4-2

133 – Aidan Noonan – 5th

Noonan (WYO) dec. Cole Phelps (WWY) 5-4

Damion Elliot (ORST) dec. Noonan (WYO) 4-1

Noonan (WYO) major dec. Logan Attisano (AF) 13-4

Noonan (WYO) major dec. Bubba Wright (AFPS) 11-0

Jore Volk (WYO) major dec. Noonan (WYO) 9-0

Noonan (WYO) dec. Gabe Whisenhunt (ORST) 6-3

133- Jore Volk – 3rd 

Volk (WYO) fall (6:19) Logan Attisano (AF)

Volk (WYO) dec. Dyson Kunz (UNC-UNAT) 8-2

Kyle Burwick (NEB-UNAT) major dec. Volk (WYO) 9-1

Volk (WYO) major dec. Noonan (WYO) 9-0

133 – Josh Kyle  

Braydon Mogle (NECC) dec. Kyle (WYO) 9-5

Kyle (WYO) fall (1:43) Kyle Lewis (NECC)

Logan Attisano (AF) fall (2:11) Kyle (WYO)

141 – Darren Green – 2nd 

Green (WYO) fall (2:33) Casey Strand (NWKT)

Green (WYO) major dec. Ramon Salazar (UNAT) 14-4

Green (WYO) dec. Kianalu Estrella (UVU) 8-3

Greenwood (WYO) dec. Green (WYO) 4-2

141 – Job Greenwood – 1st 

Greenwood (WYO) fall (1:19) Carson Jensen (WWY)

Greenwood (WYO) major dec. Bronson Richins (NECC) 12-1

Greenwood (WYO) tech. fall Jakob Romero (UNAT) 17-2

Greenwood (WYO) major dec. Bryce Shelton (AF) 15-2

Greenwood (WYO) dec. Green (WYO) 4-2

149 - Branden Pagurayan 

Bryce Boumans (NWKT) dec. Pagurayan (WYO) 8-6

Dauphin (WYO) dec. Pagurayan (WYO) 10-5

149 – Bryce Dauphin  

Channing Warner (NECC) dec. Dauphin (WYO) 14-12

Dauphin (WYO) dec. Pagurayan (WYO) 10-5

Dauphin (WYO) dec. Colton Erickson (WWY) 9-3

Nick Gallegos (CMU-UNAT) tech. fall Dauphin (WYO) 21-5

149 – Chase Zollmann – 2nd 

Zollmann (WYO) fall (4:47) Adam Kruse (CHST-UNAT)

Zollmann (WYO) fall (0:57) Luke Van Orden (UVU)

Zollmann (WYO) dec. Carr (WYO) 9-3

Ridhe Lovett (NEB-UNAT) tech. fall Zollmann (WYO) 18-0

149 – Ridge Briggs  

Briggs (WYO) dec. Jax Corburn (12-6)

Kyler Lake (UVU) major dec. Briggs (WYO) 9-1

Briggs (WYO) fall (0:51) Adam Kruse (UVU)

Nick Gallegos (CMU-UNAT) major dec. Briggs (WYO) 11-3

149 – Warren Carr – 3rd 

Carr (WYO) dec. Tyler Jones (UVU0 6-1

Carr (WYO) major dec. Colton Erickson (WWY) 11-1

Carr (WYO) dec. Channing Warner (NECC) 15-8

Zollmann (WYO) dec. Carr (WYO) 9-3

Carr (WYO) dec. Nick Gallegos (CMU-UNAT) 9-7

Carr (WYO) dec. Bryce Boumans (NWKT) 5-3

157 – Logan Ours – 2nd 

Ours (WYO) fall (3:24) Joe Neal (AFPS)

Ours (WYO) fall (0:43) Wyatt Madole (CHST-UNAT)

Ours (WYO) dec. Nate Moore (UNC-UNAT) 3-1

Voorhees (WYO-UNAT) dec. Ours (WYO) 8-4

157 – Cooper Voorhees – 1st 

Voorhees (UNAT-WYO) tech. fall Joshua Arend (NECC)

Voorhees (UNAT-WYO) fall (1:30) Gabe Hawthorne (AF)

Voorhees (UNAT-WYO) major dec. Cameron Lucero (UNC-UNAT) 14-5

Voorhees (UNAT-WYO) dec, Ours (WYO) 8-4

165 – Brett McIntosh – 2nd 

McIntosh (WYO) fall (3:44) Vince Beeson (NECC)

McIntosh (WYO) fall (8:32) Caden Dobbins (AFPS)

McIntosh (WYO) dec. Tanner Lofthouse (UVU) 6-4

Moody (WYO) dec. McIntosh (WYO) 6-0

165 – Cole Moody – 1st 

Moody (WYO) fall (4:00) Jon Carr (NWKT)

Moody (WYO) fall (2:46) Sullivan Sample (NECC)

Moody (WYO) dec. Seamus Casey (AF) 7-5

Moody (WYO) dec. McIntosh (WYO) 6-0

174 – Guillermo Escobedo – 4th 

Kekana Fouret (UNAT) tech. fall Escobedo (WYO) 15-0

Escobedo (WYO) dec. Gage Musser (AF) 3-1

Escobedo (WYO) dec. Merrell Morley (UVU) 2-0

Escobedo (WYO) dec. John Knight (ORST-UNAT) 6-0

Christian Smoot (WWY) dec. Escobedo (WYO) 3-2

174 – Kevin Anderson 

Isiah Anderson (ORST) dec. Anderson (WYO) 8-4

Merrell Morley (UVU) dec. Escobedo (WYO) 3-1

184 – Colby Huynh  

Short (UNAT-WYO) fall (2:35) Huynh (WYO)

Jaden Stange (WWY) dec. Huynh (WYO) 3-0

184 – Quayin Short – 1st 

Short (WYO-UNAT) fall (4:35) Tony Hinson (AF)

Short (WYO-UNAT) fall (2:35) Colby Huynh (WYO)

Short (WYO-UNAT) dec. Mahonri Rushton (UVU) 9-2

Short (WYO-UNAT) major dec. Kodiak Stephens (ORST-UNAT) 14-2

285 – Kevin Zimmer – 3rd 

Zimmer (WYO) major dec. Payton Calico (WWY) 11-0

Zimmer (WYO) fall (0:20) Fernando Salazar (NWKT)

Ding (WYO) dec. Zimmer (WYO) 4-2

Zimmer (WYO) dec. Kolt Wilkinson (UVU) 5-0

Zimmer (WYO) dec. Nico Rodriguez (UVU) 7-1

285 – Mason Ding – 2nd 

Ding (WYO) dec. Matt Kaplan (AF) 4-0

Ding (WYO dec. Antonio Ramos (AFPS) 8-5

Ding (WYO) dec. Zimmer (WYO) 4-2

Swartz (WYO) dec. Ding (WYO) 4-1

285 - Terren Swartz – 1st 

Swartz (WYO) dec. Riley-dean Butt (NECC) 9-2

Swartz (WYO) fall (3:44) Jared Volcic (NWKT)

Swartz (WYO) dec. Nico Rodriguez (UVU) 5-1

Swartz (WYO) dec. Ding (WYO) 4-1

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