Did you get any rain at your place over this Fourth of July weekend?

Mother Nature was helping to lessen the fire danger over Independence Day weekend with thunderstorms raining on most of the area. A flash flood warning has been issued for Laramie County until 8:15 p.m. on Sunday, July 5.

With all of the fireworks still exploding around the county, it's almost comforting having wet conditions. Thunderstorms rumbled across Laramie County on Sunday, dropping substantial amounts of rain for short times.

The National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Warning for Laramie County until 8:15 p.m. Radar indicated that more than 4 inches of rain has already fallen in the Curt Gowdy State Park area with more rain possible. The warning includes Crystal and Granite Springs Reservoirs, Crystal Lake Campground and Warren Air Force Base.

The additional rainfall will continue to impact Spring and Crow Creeks flowing eastward through Warren AFB. Be aware of rising water levels especially if you're near creeks or streams.

Also, if you're driving, don't attempt to drive through flooded roadways. It's often difficult to tell how deep flooded areas may be. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles. Stay tuned for more weather information on air and on our website.