As you can clearly see in the photograph above, our planet is a sphere. But don't tell that to someone from the Flat Earth Society. In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they are convinced the earth is flat.

Luckily, if you ever meet a "flat-earther", you can quickly debunk their theory with one simple question inspired by the Cowboy State. The Wyoming Question was posed by a sceptic in an online chat group several years ago.

"The state of Wyoming is bounded by four straight lines: parallel 41°N along the southern border, parallel 45°N along the northern border, meridian 104°3'W along the eastern border and meridian 111°3'W along the western border.

The four corners are all right-angles, so the state should be a perfect rectangle. The eastern and western borders are each 276 miles long, as would be expected. If the earth is flat, why is Wyoming's southern border 365 miles long, while the northern border is only 342 miles long?"

Some of the answers are unintentionally hilarious.

One flat-earther commented "That's where the conspiracy comes in! Wherever you have got your data from, they've obviously lied about the shape and size of this "Wyoming", if it even exists."



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