If you could be one age forever, what would you choose?

Oh the good old days. Many of us yearn for simpler times in our lives and in the world. Maybe we long for a time in which we felt we were in our prime. I can't help but think of Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite constantly reminiscing about how he could have taken his high school football team to state. I sure do miss the days of playing softball. Hearing the pop of that glove or the crack of the bat and I will always love the smell of fresh cut grass.

Would you turn back time if you could? Or would you jump to a different age if given the choice? Maybe you're in your 20s and can't wait to be in your 30s.

As it turns out, the ideal age is 36.

A recent survey, conducted by a supplement brand called Tru Niagen, found that most people would be completely content living out their lives as 36-year-olds. I'll admit, I thought people would prefer to go back to any year in their 20s. I guess when you're 36 you are still young, but you have a little experience with this whole adulting thing.

The survey also found that our views on aging have changed since the pandemic. 57 percent of us are now more comfortable with getting order. Not to mention, a whopping 71 percent of people are embracing the age they are.

For what it's worth, life is a journey. It's not always easy to get older and it's certainly difficult to lose loved ones along the way. I recently lost my mom and it has solidified the idea that every single day we have on this earth is a gift. So let's top stressing about our number and get busy living life to the fullest.

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