We knew Jacob Hollister was a great athlete from his playing days at the University of Wyoming. We didn't know he could sing like this.

Jacob and his twin brother Cody, who both play for the New England Patriots, just released a Twitter video featuring a cover of the Ed Sheeran song "Make It Rain". Their duet is part of Sports Illustrated's "Most Valuable Performer" series, which showcases professional athletes with musical and artistic ability.

The Hollisters grew up playing football together in Bend, Oregon. After high school, they went their seperate ways; Jacob to Wyoming and Cody to the University of Arkansas.

They reunited earlier this year, when they were both invited to New England Patriots training camp as undrafted free agents. Against long odds, Jacob made the regular season roster and has played in 11 games this season. Meanwhile, Cody was signed to the practice squad.

If things don't work out in the NFL, maybe the Hollisters will form a band someday.

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