As we all know, Memorial Day is about more than firing up the grill and celebrating the unofficial start of summer. It's a day where we remember those who laid down their lives for the cause of freedom. Here in Cheyenne, we are lucky to have four historic local landmarks honoring those heroic men and women.

1. The Buffalo Soldier Statue on West 32nd Street and McComb Avenue - This statue is located in a residential neighborhood near the F.E. Warren Air Force Base. Specifically, it honors the famed Buffalo Soldier regiments of African-American soldiers created after the Civil War. Markers nearby also honor the history of military camps in the region and throughout the west.

2. The Vietnam Memorial at the Cheyenne VA Medical Center - Located across the road from the VA's front entrance on Pershing Avenue, this memorial honors the 137 brave Wyoming men who lost their lives in Vietnam.

3. The Wyoming Air and Air National Guard Memorial on 24th Street and Central - Located across from the Cheyenne Airport and Air National Guard base, this site commemorates all who have served in the Wyoming Army and Air National Guard.

4. The Wyoming Spanish - American War Monument on 24th and Central - Just a few hundred feet away from the Wyoming Air and Air National Guard Memorial lies this monument to the heroes the Spanish - American War, which was fought at the turn of the 20th century, when Cheyenne became one of the fasting growing boomtowns in the west. Nearby, you will also find markers dedicated to equal rights pioneer Esther Morris and the rugged frontiersman who settled in Cheyenne.

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"The Code of the West" was declared the official state code of Wyoming, and the act was signed into law on March 3rd, 2010. Wyoming is the first state to adopt a code of ethics. The legislation chose ten ethics derived from the book "Cowboy Ethics" by James P. Owen

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