It’s Friday, and that can only mean one thing.... 

No, not that. We’ve gone through a week of playoffs. How are we standing? Should we be standing? Well, that depends how much you want to see our favorite pro sports teams succeed. I mean, we all do, we want to go and yell at a TV somewhere, which is something we’re just now getting back to doing, somewhat normally.  

The Colorado Avalanche have exceeded(or maybe reached?) our expectations by knocking off the Coyotes. That’s right, Wednesday the Avalanche punched their tickets to the next round of bubble hockey and they’ll take on the Dallas Stars. The Avs didn’t fair well during the season against the Stars, going 0-2-2, but won the round robin play in game. Draft Kings has the line set for Monday night with the Stars –205 and the Avs +170. So, take that as you will. 

The Nuggets are in a Dog Fight with the Utah Jazz with a tied series at 1-1. The next game will be this afternoon at 2pm. So, bust out your jersey, ignore your boss’s meeting invite and get ready to yell things you probably don’t want your kids to hear in the other room. Should be a tight one, Draft Kings has the Nuggets winning by 1.5. Better hope Donovan Mitchell doesn’t drop another 60. 

The Rockies...need help. With a little over a month left in this abbreviated season, the Rockies can’t drop 4 games in a row to teams, especially the no good, dirty Astros. They play the Dodgers at 7:40 tonight, which Draft Kings is giving them a little love saying they’ll win by 1.5. 

The Rapids still haven’t won a game in the Group they’re in, and I’m concerned that’ll be the end of them in MLS this year.  

With 3 playoffs and 4 sports playing at once, it’s a lot to keep up with. Don’t worry, I’ll keep obsessing over it, so you don’t have to.  

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