Well, well, well, it's looking like we have some live music in our future. Friday's On The Plaza's social media account is teasing an announcement for what looks like Saturday, if they're counting the way I'm counting. Sure, it's ambiguous of what they're going to tell us, but I'm so here for it.

The event was sadly cancelled all last summer, so this has to be bigger and better than we could imagine, or at least, that's what it'll feel like watching it. I'll take the ambiguity at this point, I'll take anything. They do at least have the dates for this year posted, June 4th-August 27th. I had to do a little sleuthing to get those dates since they're not updated on their FB logo, but they are on the vendor applications. I wont fault them, the big reveal is coming up, they'll have new graphics, bells, whistles and a sick beat.

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Another thing to remember is a new ordinance was passed that will allow open containers around Downtown Cheyenne. It happens to go into effect the day before what should be the first Friday for Friday's On The Plaza. I don't think that's a coincidence, but, honestly, this is going to help out other local businesses. I may or may not have considered putting a 12 pack in the office fridge to grab a cold one on my way out the door, to head down to the Plaza on Friday's after work. Don't judge me.

Whatever the announcement is, I'll absolutely be ready for it. Cheers!


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