15 unidentified flying objects have been documented in the state of Wyoming during the last year, according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

2018 sightings include mysterious light formations near Cheyenne, a series of bright, flashing lights in Cody, glowing orbs outside of Jackson, a triangle-shaped aircraft hovering over the Glendo Reservoir, and an unexplained object reportedly spotted by four passengers in a private plane.

A recently study crowned Wyoming as the top state in the country for UFO sightings. Oddsmakers documented 2,854 sightings in Wyoming since 1940; estimating the chances of seeing a UFO in the Cowboy State at one in 20,500.

Other hotspots for UFO activity include Vermont (one in 25,000), Montana (one in 25,200), North Dakota (one in 29,400), and Alaska (one in 31,300). Florida residents are the least likely to see a UFO, with odds of one in 348,500.

Around the region, the oddsmakers estimate the chances of seeing a UFO in Colorado at one in 86,600. The odds of a sighting in Nebraska are one in 70,700. South Dakota, residents have a one in 67,000 chance of witnessing an unexplained object. In Idaho, the odds are one in 43,200, and in Utah, they are in 71,300.


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