It seems like this trophy should come in a little blue box.

Super Bowl 55 is in the books and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers must be feeling pretty good right now. After all, they were the ones to holding the big, shiny trophy at the end of the game. That massive hunk of metal is called the Vince Lombardi Trophy and it's quite a spectacular piece.

The fact that you can see your face it in is probably my favorite part. If I were a Super Bowl champion, I would want to see my face staring back at me every time I look at it. It would be as if the trophy was saying, "yes, I belong to you."

Ok, snap back to reality, Jess.

I've stared at this trophy year after year and I've found myself asking a lot of questions. Where did this thing come from? Who makes it? How much does it cost? Where does it get stored after the game?

Of course, I know that this trophy will eventually make it's way to a trophy case in the offices of the winning team. However, what about those other questions? Luckily, I found an article that pretty much answered everything at

Who makes it? Tiffany & Co

What's it made of? Solid sterling silver

What are its dimensions? The trophy is 22 inches tall and weighs seven pounds

How much does it cost? $50,000 and roughly four months of labor

Do the players each get one? No, but they will receive a smaller replica that costs about $1,500. They also receive Super Bowl rings. And yes, the diamonds and gems in those rings are real.

Where does the name come from? Vince Lombardi was a legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers. He won five championships in just nine years. He also maintained an .840 winning percentage, winning 42 of 50 games. Before his passing, the last game of the season was simply the AFL-NFL Championship and the trophy was just the World Championship Game Trophy. In 1970 the league decided to honor his legacy by naming the trophy after him, thus the Vince Lombardi Trophy was born.

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