"All the research points back to it, there's just too much concrete evidence to prove it," Dalen Brazelton proclaims. "Wyoming doesn't exist."

Brazelton should know, he lives in Powell. The Northwest College student recently addressed the conspiracy theory in his new short film "Wyoming Doesn't Exist".

In the film, Brazelton plays Daniel Baxter, a schizophrenic Reddit poster who tracks the theory from its origin in the 1980's cartoon Garfield, loosely connecting logic from Ronald Reagan's trickle-down economic policy to the raging river in Yellowstone Falls. Along the way, Baxter proves that the state of Wyoming is actually North Colorado.

By the end of the film, Baxter's skeptical alter ego can no longer escape the undeniable truth that his home state is merely a figment of his imagination. To help keep the secret, FBI agents then arrest Baxter and transport him to the Wyoming Containment Center in Missoula, Mont.

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