Something strange happened in Cheyenne last night and 1,000 people were there to witness it. During his performance at the Cheyenne Civic Center, comedian George Lopez got spooked by what he thought was a ghost lurking on the side of the stage.

"Is this place haunted? I swear I saw someone over there," Lopez said, stopping in the middle of a joke to investigate the apparition.

If indeed there is a ghost at the Civic Center, it wouldn't be the only haunted performance venue in Cheyenne. The Historic Atlas Theatre has been the subject of many paranormal investigations over the years. More ghost sightings have been reported at the nearby Lincoln Theater.

It also wouldn't be Wyoming's only haunted Civic Center. The Laramie Plains Civic Center was built over a cemetery in 1878 and is said to be visited by ghosts from the bodies that were exhumed during construction.

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