In case you haven't noticed, we like our Wyoming wild horses a lot. There's a very recent video that gives you an up close view of these amazing animals.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area was assisting the Bureau of Land Management with the wild Mustangs on Pryor Mountain and shared this very up-close view of our horses.

The herd he mentions in the video known as "The Greeters" due to their proximity to the edge of the area. He indicated there's a new foal with the group that may be a colt.

In case you're new to this area, the video was captured in the area where Wyoming and Montana meet. He's just north of Lovell, Wyoming in this video.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

If you love these horses as much as I do, the Bureau of Land Management has a rather extensive website documenting the management and care of these wild horse herds including some neat videos like this one.

There's nothing that is more Wyoming than the wild horses that still run free in our state. Never tire of watching these animals celebrating their freedom.

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