Between Snowpocalypse 2021, March Madness, and the 'start of Spring' (definitely doesn't feel or look like it), all of a sudden, we're just a couple of weekends away from Easter Sunday (April 4th). Therefore, all the Easter treats are ready to be purged at the stores. So what are Wyoming's favorite Easter treats?

Zippia recently used Google trends to find out what exactly is the favorite Easter treat for each state. For the record, treats include more than just Easter candy, which is why 14 states picked 'Boiled Eggs' as their favorite Easter treat. While boiled eggs certainly have their merit, I think we need to make our treat a favorite Easter candy when it comes to this list. Wyoming certainly does have that as they picked 'Mini Eggs'. You know, those are the Cadbury Mini Eggs that have milk chocolate inside the shell. They really are delicious, and also addicting once you start eating them. Solid choice, Wyoming.

In the most disappointing statistic you will see all day, Peeps were the second most popular Easter treat as they were chosen as the favorite of eight states. Are those states drunk? C'mon, Peeps are terrible and quite a lame choice for a favorite Easter treat! Also, Idaho likes Peeps the most. What's wrong with you, Idaho? Figure it out, guys!

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In what I thought was another shocking turn of events, not one state chose Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs as a favorite. How does that happen? They're absolutely amazing! And probably the most universal treat out of them all. Pretty much anyone would agree that they're fantastic. It's all very unfortunate. I got your back, Reese's.

So there you have it, Wyoming loves Cadbury Mini Eggs, too many states love Peeps, and apparently no one loves Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (what a travesty). Check out the map to see what each state picked as their favorite by clicking the link here.

Pictures From Wyoming Snowpocalypse 2021

After two days and 30-odd inches of sow, southeast Wyoming was left buried. An in the grand tradition of every generation since the invention of the camera, we took pictures of the snow.

The Blizzard of March 2021 covered up our driveways, fences, and in some cases porches. It trapped up in our homes and canceled our plans.

Here's a quick look around the Cheyenne area from Sunday (March 14) and Monday (March 15).

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