Valentine's Day is just days away so if you're in a relationship, the clock is ticking on what your plans and/or gifts are. But even if you're not celebrating the day, one thing we can all get agree on for this time of year is that there's plenty of Valentine's candy to go around. But what's Wyoming's favorite?

Zippia researched Google trends to find out what Valentine's Day candy is the favorite of each state. Basically they found out what candy each state is disproportionately seeking after during the first two weeks of February. As it turns out, Wyoming's favorite candy is one of the more traditional brands of the chocolate variety. It was also the favorite amongst the second most amount of states in the U.S. Enough suspense, Wyoming's favorite Valentine's Day candy is M&Ms.

It definitely makes sense, especially considering candies of the chocolate variety were favorites in 45 of the 50 states. Even though technically it's a tossup whether or not to count chocolate-covered strawberries as 'chocolate candy', they were the most popular Valentine's Day candy as 10 states chose them as their favorite. Both M&Ms and chocolate roses came in second with eight states each choosing them as their favorite. Along with Wyoming, other states that chose M&Ms as their favorite were Colorado, Nevada, Nebraska, Arizona, Missouri, Vermont, and Rhode Island because they're all smart like us.

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The candy hearts displaying words on them were chosen as favorites in four of the five states that did not prefer Valentine's candy of the chocolate variety while California was the only other state to not choose chocolate candy as a fav. They chose candy necklaces because they're a bunch of weirdos. Just kidding, but c'mon, candy necklaces? Get real.

No matter what Valentine's Day candy you personally prefer, it's probably in your best interest to make sure you get the candy your significant other prefers. Enjoy all the candy and have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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