It's the ultimate destination for bikers from all over the world each summer - the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

But in 2021, the number of motorcycles we'll see on the roadways heading to the hills may be noticeably smaller. Not because of lower attendance numbers, but thanks to a new, easier way to get to Sturgis.

This August, Allegiant Air is planning something that's never been offered to the general public before, temporary flights to the Rapid City Regional Airport from nine different U.S. cities for those who want to attend the rally 30 miles away and don't want to hassle with a long ride on the back of a motorcycle to get there.

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The flights will originate from:

  • Appleton, Wisconsin - beginning 8/4
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan - beginning 8/4
  • Indianapolis, Indiana - beginning 8/4
  • Knoxville, Tennessee - beginning 8/4
  • Nashville, Tennessee - beginning 8/4
  • Orlando/Sanford, Florida - beginning 8/5
  • Peoria, Illinois - beginning 8/4
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - beginning 8/5
  • Punta Gorda, Florida - beginning 8/6

Fares start as low as $99 each way.

The 2021 rally is scheduled for August 6 to August 15.



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