I'll admit it, I'm really good at forgetting to do things. I'm a procrastinator if I'm being honest. My wife and I decided that we wanted to go on the Ghost Fight-Seeing Tour that the Depot is putting on. I was tasked with getting the tickets, and buying tickets for things, along with other items that seem like "adulting" are part of my job in the relationship(not sure her duties, but whatever). So, I needed to call and get my tickets.

After a week of waiting and knowing that we wanted to go next weekend, I finally called and my first choice of dates were sold out! No tickets available for next Friday the the 23rd! In a moment of panic, the words almost trembled out of my mouth "What about any other dates" before I could fumble those words out, the voice on the other end of the phone said, "we have two tickets left for next Saturday at 8pm". I made sure to grab those so I didn't mess up a rare date night.

During the chaos of me almost missing a really cool event, the person I was speaking with mentioned that there were tickets available for the 30th. That was as of 2:20pm yesterday, so if you're reading this now and forgot to get your tickets already, you should probably call NOW! Call 307-778-3133 or visit the Depot to reserve your spot. More details are available here.

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