A girl and her brother are being credited with their role in helping get their dad safely off the mountain after he was thrown from a horse and badly injured.

According to the South Big Horn County Search and Rescue, authorities received a 911 call at roughly 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday from a girl reporting her dad was thrown from a horse and possibly had a broken jaw.

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With a member of Big Horn County Search and Rescue on board, a helicopter flew to the scene in the area of the Paint Rock Lakes and were able to land with 100 yards of the victim.

Meanwhile, the SAR member hiked to a nearby campground with the two children where they were met by ground crews, two sheriff's deputy and the children's mother.

"We must include the patient's two children in our post today as part of the team effort," South Big Horn County SAR said in a statement on social media. "The girl hiked to higher ground, made the 911 call, stayed on the phone and gave critical information that helped us locate her. The boy stayed with his dad until help arrived and both children made sure their horses were controlled during the helicopter approach and landing.

"They were amazing!"

Authorities say all crews were off the mountain by 8 p.m.

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