This 10-year-old girl from Danbury, Connecticut is being hailed a hero.

Her name is Chelsea Phaire, and since she was seven years old, she's been pleading with her mom and dad to start her very own charity, according to CNN, who's been reporting the story.

For Chelsea, persistence paid off because when she asked again at the age of 10, her mom and dad decided she just might be able to handle the responsibility -- and handle it she did.

When she turned 10 in August of 2019, Chelsea's Charity was born, and instead of birthday gifts, she asked her party-goers for art supply donations. Within five months, she had sent out 1,500 art kits packed with markers, gel pens, coloring books, crayons, and colored pencils to kids in foster care and homeless shelters all over the United States.

What motivates a 10-year-old girl to jump-start her charity? It was the death of a close family friend from gun violence that turned her love of art into an effective therapy that helped her deal with the tragedy. Her crusade was to make the technique more obtainable to individuals all over the country who might also need some help healing emotional wounds.

To say that Chelsea Phair is an inspiration to all kids and adults would be an understatement. If you feel you might need a double-dose of inspiration, check out Chelsea's Charity website, Instagram Page, and her FB Page. This is what heroes are made of.

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