Okay, so maybe I'm a bit behind on the times, but last time I checked, camping was about roughing it in nature. You don't expect comfort while camping - it's about adventure and experience. Well, evidently, camping has evolved into something more luxurious - glamping.

The concept behind glamping is similar to camping; it's all about escaping the business of everyday life and retreating into nature. But instead of roughing it with bare necessities and a tent, glampers take the luxuries of modern living into the wild.

Glampers seek out beautiful and unique landscapes for their posh camping experience. So, it should come as no surprise that Wyoming's enthralling scenery entices many a glamper to visit the Cowboy State.

Where the Glampers Roam Wyoming

Have I ever been glamping? Certainly not, though I've been camping several times, and never with a feather bed or furniture in the tent. But, the number of glamping locations in Wyoming has grown over the years, treating tourists to a luxurious style of camping among our state's most incredible natural beauties.

Glamping is, in particular, popular in the mountainous regions of Wyoming. Popular destinations include Cody and the area near Devil's Tower, towns near the Grand Tetons, and of course, areas near Yellowstone.

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Taking Camping to the Next Level

Glamping is a strange concept to me. After all, don't you go camping to escape modern life? But I will say, many of the glamping sites in Wyoming feature plumbing and electricity, conveniences that can make a weekend in the wild more comfortable.

As for the tents, well, glamping doesn't typically involve traditional tents. Instead, you'll find yurts, tipis, the occasional wagon, barns, and cabins listed for glamping sites.

Is Glamping Just a Tourist Trap?

There seem to be mixed feelings about glamping in the outdoors community. On the one hand, it provides modern conveniences and comfort in the heart of the wild - so perhaps it makes camping more accessible to folks without outdoor skills. But on the other hand, what is camping, if not an adventure, that disconnects you from modern life? Can you really appreciate nature if you're surrounded by modern conveniences?

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I can tell you one thing - I wouldn't mind giving glamping in Wyoming a try. Check out some of the Cowboy State's best glamping spots and see what you think!

Unique Glamping Spots in Wyoming

Check out where visitors and locals go camping in luxury. These are some of the most unique glamping locations in Wyoming:

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