Carbon crusaders from around the world are overcrowding Switzerland’s airports as 1,700 private jets fly into Switzerland to discuss global warming (which some deny is caused by man) at a world economic forum that kicked off yesterday. The Swiss military had to open up room on their base to accommodate all of the private luxury jets.

World leaders will discuss income inequality and focus on ways for YOU to reduce YOUR carbon footprint, while even 1st class is not good enough for them.

They would have you give up red meat and cheese, lower your thermostats, walk or ride a bike and give up flying whenever possible. Just don’t ask the same from them, they tossed some money at a third world country to plant a tree.

Conservationist-In-Chief Al Gore runs energy bills that are 20 times the average family home. A lot of his wealth comes from oil (i.e. fossil fuels) and activism money. There’s lots to be made from his doom propheteering.

If he wants to utilize carbon offsets, he could always put a windmill in front of his podium.