Laramie resident, Phil Miller, has been attempting to build a dune buggy for the past year, which is currently unfinished, but received some grim news during a recent doctor visit. Miller was given two more months to live. Now as his final wish is to drive his dune buggy, a close friend has a plan to help make Phil's dying wish come true.

An Iowa man by the name of Chris Eicher, and a very close friend of Miller, is doing everything he can to help get the dune buggy completed. Eicher said of his plan to help Miller:

His final wish is to drive his buggy. I have tried to do everything I can to help, including driving from Iowa to Wyoming to help with it...My goal is to get a group of my friends together with a vehicle full of tools to go to Wyoming. It is a 12 hour drive and I have some friends that are willing to volunteer their time.

Eicher has setup a GoFundMe in order to help cover the finances needed to help get the buggy built for Miller. The funds would go towards the cost of gas for the crew that is volunteering their time for the project, as well as any other parts that are still needed to get the buggy finished in time for Phil Miller. Eicher is hoping that he and he his crew can finish the project with the help of the surrounding Laramie community. To donate, you can visit the GoFundMe page 'Buggy Build for Phil' by clicking the link here.

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