Have you heard the Kansas band Gooding? The trio put out their 'Buffalo' CD earlier this year and have returned to Cheyenne.

Gooding played two Financial Literacy shows Tuesday, September 3, in the Capitol City at Central High School and Cole Elementary School. The shows are sponsored by U.S. Bank. They'll also play a free show at The Midtown Tavern at 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 7.The Financial Literacy program grabs the attention of students and teaches them ways to be responsible with their money and plan ahead for their future. The trio promises they'll be back to Cheyenne to hit more of our schools.

Stop by The Midtown Tavern on Saturday night and rock out at 1303 East Pershing Boulevard, just look for the red Anderson's Other Corner sign.

And be on the look out for Gooding's Eco Bus with Lil' Red on the side cruising the streets and highways.