Governor Mark Gordon signed 11 bills into law on Tuesday, one of which focused on the criminalization of bestiality.

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The Governor's office released a notice informing the public of actions taken on various bills, from the aforementioned bestiality law, to laws focusing on mental health professions, burials for indigent persons, interference with public contracting and more.

In terms of the bestiality law, the actual bill states bestiality is defined by a 'sexual act with an animal.' It states that 'an actor commits the crime of bestiality if the actor knowingly engages in a sexual act with an animal, causes, aids, or abets another in engaging in a sexual act with an animal, uses any part of the actor's body or an object to sexually stimulate an animal,' and more.

The crime of bestiality is a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for not more than one year, a fine of not more than $1,000 or both.

Additionally, Governor Gordon signed into law 'an ACT relating to Mental Health Professions Practice, providing for criminal background checks as specified; providing standards for certification as a certified mental health worker and defining scope of practice; amending reciprocity allowances; repealing obsolete provisions; and providing for an effective date.'

Another bill signed into law focused on public contracting, specifically the penalties and prohibitions related to bid rigging, bid rotating, acquisition or disclosure of bidding information by a public servant, interference with contract submissions and award by a public servant, kickbacks, bribery, and more.

Altogether, Governor Gordon signed the following 11 bills into law:

Bill No.Enrolled Act #Bill Title
HB0004HEA0019Mental health professions practice act-amendments
HB0020HEA0020Driver's license requirements-visual acuity
HB0029HEA0021Burials for indigent persons
HB0033HEA0022Interference with public contracting
HB0046HEA0023Crime of bestiality
HB0069HEA0024Division of banking-fees
HB0086HEA0025Off-road recreational vehicles registration authorized
HB0087HEA0026Provider recruitment grant program
HB0111HEA0027Access to anatomical gifts and organ transplants
HB0118HEA0028Food freedom act amendments
HB0120HEA0029Hathaway Scholarships-success curriculum in middle school

The full list of bills the Governor has taken action on during the 2021 Legislative Session can be found on the Governor’s website and definitions and explanations of these bills and others can be found here.

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